XXII UIA World Congress of Architecture

29 giugno / 3 luglio 2008

Architetto cooperante: quale identità?

organizzato da Architecture sans Frontieres International
1 luglio 2008 alle ore 13 presso la sala Copenhagen del Lingotto - Torino

Cooperating architect: what identity?
Is it possible to define the role of the architect who intervenes in development cooperation projects? What duties, what expectation, what kind of education and what experience is required? Perhaps we should start with a more basic question: Architecture what identity? Architecture could be a tool to sensitize about a correct education, not only for the professionals but also to anyone. The figure of the cooperating architect has to be placed in this debate, not as a single professional but in his being part of a system.

Moderator: Jordi Balari
Participants: Emilio Caravatti, Francis Kerè, Paulius Kulikauskas, Tito Sciattella

Living Space partner: Architettura senza Frontiere International
Hall Copenhagen: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.